(15) Parties Involved – Rights, Responsibilities, Values

When it comes to individuals involved, there are a couple of groups that could benefit from the advancing technology of autonomous vehicles. The first group consist of creators, which consist of car and equipment manufacture. Which develops the cars that are suited to be autonomous vehicles. Also, creating the specialized sensor, cameras, and processing unit that would help identify/deal with their specific situation. Many other companies are investing in future of self-driving vehicles and car manufactures are part of the forefront. These companies have the right to innovate the next generation of transportation. But they also have the responsibilities of making sure that they vehicles that they manufacture, are properly made to hold all the equipment. Which is necessary for autonomous driving to drive at pick performance. It seems that many manufacture are holding up to their values. Which still stems from creating and innovating the most economical and/or luxuries car, you can drive. But behind every manufacture vehicles, there is the lines of code that makes vehicle partially autonomous.

The second group involved the programmers who write the lines of code, that interpret the information that is provided by the sensors. The misconception that people tend about the programmers, is that there are only those who write the decision-making lines of programming. But there are also programmers that take care of the security aspect of autonomous vehicles. These programmers have been right to program the next generation of transportation. But with this great power, comes with great responsibilities. The lines of code that both software and security programmers developed, could have dire consequences. Therefore, the programmer doesn’t just value innovation, they value the safety of every user. Which is why the programmer are striving to develop the robust lines of code, that would take the best decision available at the time. It is words like these, that the end user would want to hear, when getting a ride from an autonomous vehicle.

The third group consist of the people, that are in the forefront of using these technologies. It is thanks to our great democracy that we the people, can have access to the autonomous vehicles. Although, there was not much when it came to the development of the product. There are many responsibilities that the end user of product can provide, to further advance this technology. On the field testing, is the only thing that car manufactures and programmers can’t truly have access to, without the consent of the people. When being able to use these vehicles, each ride can provide meta data, that would advance the development of autonomous vehicles. Meta data refers to a set of data that describes and gives information about other information. For the most part, driving the same route might be the similar, but never the same. Which give meta data needed to simulate the different situation that each ride faces on its journey. Everyone’s values may vary, when it comes to autonomous vehicles. For a certain type a person, they would be able use that commute to catch up on some reading from work. There are also people with disabilities that could greatly benefit from the advancement technology. Each of these groups has their own rights, responsibilities and values when it comes to this technology. [INCLUEDE TRANSITION TO NEXT PARAGRAPH]


3 thoughts on “(15) Parties Involved – Rights, Responsibilities, Values

  1. I hadn’t thought about the programmers as people with a stake in AI cars beyond them being something that they create – but it makes sense, given that they are the ones who will deal with the fallout if something goes wrong with the cars. I also didn’t even think about how security for something as powerful as a car would factor into autonomous vehicles, but as I read that, it made sense – since autonomous vehicles would take their drivers’ lives into their (metaphorical) hands each time the driver used it, it’s no wonder we’d want them to not be prone to hacking.


  2. Hello Alan,

    I see your point on the fact that autonomous vehicles can be very beneficial to society. There are many people involved in creating them which means that there are many more jobs open and needed. And since I’m studying software engineering, I’m glad more software engineering position would be made.


  3. Hello Alan,

    I liked how you listed all the stakeholders for the autonomous vehicles. I agree that autonomous vehicles can really be beneficial for the blind or disabled. It would be also nice to be able to take a nap while behind the wheel. I would have to admit, I would personally feel uncomfortable sleeping while my vehicle is on auto pilot. I’m sure it is going to take awhile for society to trust autonomous vehicles to that extent. We are definitely living in exciting times.


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