Driving towards the future Blog 15

An issue that I must deal with daily is the act of transportation, it’s something that has become vital to everyone because its needed to get to work or school. It’s also a dangerous and costly issue that is costing all of us a fortune. The problem is that companies find cheap real-estate to set up their business and we are forced to commute to that destination at least five times a week. I have feel victim to this because I live in King City, work in Salinas and go to School in CSUMB. I have to pass 4 towns to get to school and it’s also difficult because I always feel like an outsider because I am not from any of these towns. When technology was emerging, I thought that would decrease my commute and people seem to get this technology and use it in the worst possible way. Every semester I always must drive 1 and ½ hours to take an online test that I could have taken anywhere in the world. Why is it that people are smart enough to make complicated devices that you can communicate with anyone in the world and yet we are less in touch with each other? I think that people are just basically animas and only react to basic instinctual queues that we have developed to keep us safe. Technology has done a great deal with our ability to produce a great amount of work in a small-time frame and yet it also made life people seem like video games. Something that I have noticed in my everyday life is that people always ignore my emails and yet they snap into action when I meet them face to face. Is it because emails are more like white noise to people or is it because I am 6’2 and do MMA on my spare time. The problem is that I am a nice guy and when I email people or talk to them on the phone they can sense that and associate it with someone they can ignore. When I am face to face a part of their brain lights up like a charismas tree and that part is there to keep them alive and it’s something that technology can’t help with. I do hope that we can find a way to coexist and I won’t have to drive an hour and a half to get a 20-minute question answer. Has technology is growing we also need to grow along with it so we won’t miss something that’s right in front of us that can be easily avoided. I do hope that in the future we develop a way to make the world a smaller place by being able to be in a place and not just our voice or image. It would be great to be able to travel in a more efficient way that would allow us to safely be at work and school without the time wasted in traffic.


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