Amazon Echo better than your Smartphones.15

By now I am sure everyone has heard about the Amazon Echo. But if not, Echo is a device made by Amazon to be of an assistant inside your house. The goal is to make the Echo, and Alexa, even more of a fixture inside people’s homes a system that can help you shop online, control your home’s temperature and, now, converse. With every device out there, there is a way to hack into it. But with the Amazon Echo, the CEO has said it will be much harder. It will also be more privacy friendly due to the fact they have a new feature. When you hit the mute button on Echo, that red ring comes on that says the microphone is turned off. That mute button is connected to the microphone with analog electronics. You have to come physically tamper with the device. The CEO has said that “One of the great issues of our age is going to be privacy.” He also said that “People don’t think about it, but if you have a mobile phone in your pocket, it has microphones on it, and those microphones are under software control.” I think this is a good idea in a way because now we can be more sure that any voice recording is not going to record everything we say. Like our phones, if someone were to tap into our smartphones, we wouldn’t know. They could mess with the microphone and we wouldn’t even know it. Having control of what is on and off is part of the privacy situation. This is also easier to use in your house because you wouldn’t need your smartphone anymore. It’s easier than taking your phone out of your pocket. It is almost as if you were talking to your house. And Amazon has stated that they are focusing on consumers rather than competitors.


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