(16) Intro

Intro – Scientific America 

Technology has been a crucial part to humanity and has grown from its humble beginning. From having rooms dedicated to small number of megabytes for memory, to process simple command. To having able to have a range of megabytes’, at the palms of our hands. Over the years, people have benefit from the advancement of technology. But there is considerable amount of people, that are having to deal with the negative impacts of technology. Car manufacture and giant technology companies are investing in autonomous vehicle. Which have been at the forefront, in which people would travel and so much more. But even with a list of benefits that could from implementing autonomous vehicle, there are people who have conservatively hold on to the negative aspect of driverless vehicles. Which has been the center of controversy, questioning the ethics behind the technology.

Although the idea of autonomous vehicle has been around for quite some time, people may still not know how the vehicle works. There is different variation on how a model places their equipment. But the standard autonomous vehicle consists of multiple cameras. Some of which would record in different setting, to capture the view in detail. There would also be multiple sensors, that can determine different object around them. Giving them an accuracy to how far the object from them. The autonomous vehicle has also been modified to have a considerable sized processing unit in the rear. Which would interpret the information, provided by the cameras and sensors.

People may be quick to assert their own opinion, but the issue is more complex then what people think. To draw our conclusion, we must look at the individual’s groups in question, that would have contributed to the outcome. Whom have a clear stake in this situation, which bring their own rights, responsibilities, and values. Which may affect the outcome of autonomous vehicle being in our streets. The ethical dilemma being, is who is to blame when an autonomous vehicle kills an individual(s). But although, this might be the salient ethical issues, there factual, conceptual, and social issues that are hanging heavily in the backs of people’s minds.

But to find the ones responsible for individual(s) killed via autonomous vehicles, we must look at the groups involved. As previously mention, these groups have their weight in, when it comes to autonomous vehicle. The first groups in question are the car manufactures and equipment manufacture.  The second groups consist of programmers. The third group is us, the people, who may be using this technology soon. The groups in question, are going to analyzed, for their potential course of action. Meaning the effort that these groups could have done to keep the individual(s) in the salient issue, safe. Alongside, would be the evaluation strengths and weakness of the actions taken by each group, with their respective ethical framework. By the end of this paper, my opinion to which of the groups, would be to blame for the outcome of the salient issue.


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