(9) Course of Action – Ethical Frameworks

Course of Action

As previously mentioned, there are three groups that could take the fall for the salient ethical issues in question. Looking at the first group that consist of vehicle and equipment manufactures. Over the years, car manufacture has cut corners before, to make the extra buck. So, with a faulty infrastructure, it car manufacture take the blame. But then again, equipment manufacture may not be that far off. Although the equipment that the vehicle has been using to take information, has been around for a while. But much of the equipment only works best, when in suitable conditions. Which mainly consist sunny all the time conditions. [MENTION FALSE INFORMATION]

The second group, consist of software and security programmers. The software developers who work on autonomous vehicles are the one who decide, what the car does at any given time. Which is what makes the vehicle autonomous. Like many of our software, it need to be protected from individuals that cold do harm from entering the vehicles software. What makes these two so important, is what happen is one is tampered with. If the security software in the vehicle in not good enough to keep hackers away, then things can go dire from there. When a vehicle is hacked, that means that the person that made it in, has the capabilities of stirring trouble. Not only for person within the vehicle, but also for those who are put into harm’s way.

The third group in question is ourselves. For the most, people tend to by what they want and make their own. But the problem with that is, when it comes to autonomous vehicles, people should probably stay clear of tampering them. One of the most common modification that a person could do to a vehicle, is upgrading their sound system. Which would involve having to add wire to support the amount of energy that they would use. But this would mess with the original setting that would support the autonomous vehicle. If the vehicle were to have a short circuit because of it, it would most likely effect the processing unit. Which make the autonomous vehicle possible to drive, by itself.

Ethical Frameworks

I have chosen ethical frameworks, that I believe that align with the strengths and weaknesses to each action. I have chosen deontological ethics of both car/equipment manufacture and programmers. Deontological ethics is where the duty that these two groups are provided, to advance the technology in their respective fields. These two groups have taken it upon themselves to advance innovation, which many could benefit millions in the long run. Which as previously state the many benefit that autonomous vehicles could bring to our society. But also, the negative aspect that people feel daunting at times, that could really hurt the advancement of the technology. What dawn on the me the most is the people’s ethical framework.

Whichever way that the people choose to pursue the technology, there action would be carried on as egoism ethics. The reason being, that if the technology does continue to be implement into society, it is because the people allow it. Which people would take advantage of the benefits of having autonomous vehicles. But if the people would choose not to proceed with the integration, that it is something that could work to their benefit as well. Many of those who would be effected, could be still hold their job. In the end, people would only choose the action that would look out for their own self-interest.


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