Facial Recognition Nightmare #5

It is well known that facial recognition technology is approaching fast and will be used for countless beneficial reasons. However, how can this tech be abused and used in a negative manner? The article “Our Facial Recognition Nightmare Is Upon Us” by Jeff John Roberts, touches on this topic and shares some insight into the scary, yet real consequences of facial recognition technology. He describes how understanding how the tech works is an important part to see how it can be abused. There are two parts to using the tech. First, the computer runs an algorithm to recognize faces. Second is how fast the computer can find a match. It is now possible for computers to use faces as a one of a kind identifier, and find other matches on the Internet. Some apps can cipher through millions of photos and can find a match within seconds. This is how Facebook can ask you “is this Gary?” after you have posted a picture on the site. Roberts goes on to explain that the reason this is a nightmare is because the technology is escaping the control of any gatekeepers.

Online images are turning into a new way to spy on people in the real world. Imagine if you were someone that had an incurable disease or were in the closet about your sexuality, this technology would be able to identify people coming and going from establishments that cater to these individuals. Roberts states that we are not at this point yet but face-tracking is catching on and could end up being abused like in Russia. Right now, Facebook and Google are collecting millions of photos every day and have the best tagging technologies. What would happen if someone were to hack their database? This yields a lot of concern.

Roberts concludes that we need to put more regulations on this tech. He encourages people to wake up and take action before we become a complete surveillance nation. He most has a great point here. This could turn out to be a scary planet if at any time a person can know our where about and know every little detail about us. Even companies having that information is scary because of what evil things that they could use it for. Ultimately I believe that this technology will be used for good purposes and not be as much as a threat as people would think. However, I also believe that It’s a good thing to make people aware of the possibility of this technology being used for bad things. Hopefully, we can find a way to regulate how the information is used.  This technology has the opportunity to help a lot of people and hopes that it will become an important tool for humanity instead of the horrible alternative.


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