Identity Crisis #6

The world of technology is changing every day, more and more devices and programs are made to make life easier, but at what point does technology start taking our identity. One of these examples is a technology that Facebook is working on. They are going to introduce a technology at a PC convention uncovering how it has made a device that is nearly as accurate as the human brain with regards to stating whether two different photos can identify the same person. An individual will find the solution around 97.53% of the time, while Facebook’s innovation scores an amazing 97.25%. However, Facebook’s “DeepFace” technology bring up huge issues about the power of today’s facial recognition devices and what these mean for what’s to come. Facebook is not the only tech organization working on facial recognition. A patent was filed by Apple in regards to this technology and indicates how they are wanting to utilize facial recognition as a way of opening its own devices. This means unlocking your iPhone might be as easy as just looking at your device. That simple.

Google has also been working very hard on facial recognition as well. Quite a bit of Google’s interest in facial recognition involves their tech called image search. They are trying to develop a better way to organize the billions of photographs that exist on the web. Google is ultimately trying to comprehend everybody online, using those photos to sort out your entire life history. This raises the issue, what if the person uploading these photos didn’t want them to be used in this manner. Well despite them not waiting that to happen there is no way around it, if you post something online it will be available for the taking and before you know it you’ll end up with a social media account that you did not sign up for.

Not everyone is upbeat about this technology progressing. US congressman Al Franken has voiced strong negative beliefs against applications that utilize facial recognition to identify strangers. Maybe congressman Al Franken is right. How far is too far? When comes the point that we lose all privacy and our digital image becomes infringed upon. These are the questions we need to ask ourselves, or at least the developers need to ask while making this technology. I believe that this technology will make the world a better place. It will also make identities harder to steal because it will be able to determine if the person is the real you or not. It will be a lot harder for identity thieves to steal anyone’s identity. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with this technology and how it will enhance our lives for the better.


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