Facial Recognition Stakeholders #10

Facial recognition technology has three major stakeholders involved in making this technology operate successfully in society. The first major stakeholder is the government. The government has the ability to regulate how this technology is used and what it is used for. They are a major player in the protection of our privacy. As our government, they have the responsibility to protect our liberties and freedoms and need to hold our privacy in the highest regard. “It’s time for a U.S. lawmakers to get a handle on this. Otherwise, our faces could unlock a surveillance state more controlling than anything even George Orwell could have dreamed up.” (Roberts), this can be the horrifying reality of our nation. They need to make the citizen’s values a priority while making legislation to make facial recognition benefit all parties involved.

The second major stakeholder involved are the citizen’s, us. We are what this technology is going to be used on and who it’s going to affect the most. Our rights are at stake more than ever and if we’re not careful “privacy” will become a thing of the past. “The routine unsupervised use of face recognition systems, according to the dozens of signatories, threatens the privacy and civil liberties of millions, especially those of immigrants and people of color” (Kofman). We have the responsibility to take action and fight for what is right or wrong if we want to continue having the privacy we need to let that be known. The values we hold as human beings tend to fluctuate from person to person, however, we all share a common value and it is called freedom. This value that we hold so highly in America has the chance to be infringed upon by this technology if we are not careful.

The third major stakeholder is the companies that are developing and using facial recognition technology. This stakeholder has complete control about how the technology works and what it can do, good and bad. Companies have a big responsibility to uphold and need to have our personal values in consideration over just making the most money possible. Their values need to align with the people.



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