Issues with Facial Recognition Technology #11

Among all the issues regarding this technology, the salient issue is privacy.  Our privacy can be infringed upon in many ways with the development of facial recognition. There is the possibility of predatory advertising by companies. For example, “there is the possibility of manipulating customers. In theory, stores could monitor the emotional state of their customers and send them tailored ads to persuade them to part with more money” (Gutowski). This form of harassment invades our privacy by attacking our desire to buy based on emotion and we then end up with a product that we really didn’t need or couldn’t realistically afford. Companies should not have the ability to sell their merchandise by invading our privacy. Another issue regarding privacy invasion is the potential abuse by governments and law enforcement. There is the possibility that the government can use this technology to spy on whoever they want to at any time. “Outside of the U.S., dictators could use this software to suppress human rights. Facial recognition apps make it easier for governments to scan crowds and melt away anonymity, matching protestors to online profiles. Last year, the Huffington Post reported this account of an Iranian blogger tortured to death for his Facebook login” (Gutowski). This example shows this type of privacy invasion is happening at this moment around the world and reminds us of the potential dangers this technology can bring.

Another important issue to point out regarding privacy is the potential of enhanced stalking. Facial recognition opens a new platform for stalkers to have a better idea about the person’s whereabouts and know more about the person their stalking. This is the sad and ugly truth of what this technology can be used to do. Privacy concerns also surround the possibility of increasingly invasive job interviews. The employer will know everything about you before you come in to interview, which could become problematic for many people trying to get a good paying job. The biggest problem we have regarding facial recognition software is the major delay in legislation, “It’s no surprise that legislation lags behind technology. Our toys evolve so fast, it’s not realistic to expect comprehensive laws in real time as if our legal system came with an update button” (Gutowski).  This issue raises the biggest concern and needs to be the issue that is addressed in a course of action to figure out the best way to deal with this technology and the privacy concerns that surround it.



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