What Approach Works Best? #13

The course of action that I choose was the third action, the utilitarian approach. I choose this action because it creates the most good and the least bad for all stakeholders involved. This technology is inevitably coming into our lives whether we like it or not. So, by choosing the utilitarian approach we can focus on laws that help protect our privacy and still be able to use the technology for the intended purposes. I believe that if we make the ways to abuse facial recognition known beforehand we can eliminate any chance of it happening, “It’s important to understand the scale of change that is under way because it is going to dictate what happens.

Knowing about facial recognition, and how it is used by both governments and companies, is key to helping us face the future” (Dormehl).  We can create legislation to ensure the protection of our privacy. We’ll be able to use this technology to fight crime and stop criminals before they have the chance to commit a crime. This technology will better businesses and consumers by, “allowing businesses to customize their service and products as well as their advertising. And it’s certainly beneficial to the customer because they don’t have to waste time essentially relaying that information” (Iowa State University). Shopping for merchandise will be easier than ever and customized to what you want. Facial recognition will even help people with various addictions by knowing when a certain habit is becoming a problem. This technology will be the best thing that ever happened to mankind.


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