Dinosaurs teaching kids.7

We are headed in the tech direction. Well so is the toys industry. We have all played with toys when we were young and growing up there were some toys that were smarter than others. Cognitoys came up with one of the popular toys out there today. It is not just a toy, it is an educational toy. This toy is not just any AI toy, but it can remember names, make jokes, and even answer some hard questions. How does it work, well it simply connects through WiFi to an app that Cognitoys made. The parents can download the app and make their child’s profile on the app allowing the toy to know who the child is. The toy that Cognitoy made is called the Dino. This toy does not move like most robot toys do, but it has the smart mind. Children can play with the toy and learn at the same time. Even better, the toy can also ask the child a question and even say some fun facts the child may not have already known. What is good about the toy is that on the app, the parents can monitor the progress of the Dino and see how much their child is growing. While I was growing up, I played with toys that weren’t so very smart. Back then there were a number of toys which had AI in them but they were either hard to find or very expensive back then. Today, AI toys are becoming common as now toys can be more than just a dummy. They can be kid’s best friend. The toy is connected to a cloud server where the Dino sends the question to the cloud and can return an answer back through the speaker to the child. The toy also has a filter. As kids, they aren’t ready to learn the true world, so Cognitoys created a filter that allows the Dino to hold back information that may not be appropriate to children. It may end up saying a lighter version or it may refer the kid to an adult for the answer. There are other toys out there with AI like Barbie’s and such.


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