Murder Was the Case that they gave me 11

An ethically sensitive situation that has been in the news lately was the current trial of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez. I personally don’t like watching football and even I found this case to be compelling, ethically wrong, and sad. This football player was blessed with great physical abilities that he worked hard to apply to the sport of football becoming a professional player. All his hard work had finally payed off by getting a high paying job and he in turn wasted this one in a lifetime opportunity by being arrested for the murder of a semipro football player. These situations have lots of ethical dilemmas due to the love of football that this country has and how we tend to turn a blind eye to some of their shortcomings due to their ability to play this game professionally.

It’s always refreshing to know that we are just a little morally warped and not broken due to the justice that the family of the victims have endured. Losing a love one at the prime of their life’s is not something their family can just get over although knowing that their son’s killer is behind bars will bring some comfort that he won’t strike more misery to another family’s life’s. This issue is all too real since before his arrest he was also indicted for a separate case of double Homicide. These kinds of horrendous acts of violence with little to no ethical consideration is the byproduct of years of getting his way. I do believe that you must fight for what you want and the setbacks are just has important has the triumphs because they teach you about humility. When you constantly win, you do get a sense of pride knowing that your hard work has played off and when you get a setback you learn that you are human. That you have flaws that you should work on and you also learn that other people are just has good. These kinds of lessons in my opinion were deprived from athletes because they keep wining trophies with their superior athletic ability and the school system also helps them pass their classes so they can keep bringing in wins for their school.

These kind of ethically bankrupt behavior is a big reason why we see these athletes squander one in a life time opportunities. When you are always getting your way and total strangers go out of their way to facilitate this behavior it’s common for athletes to feel all powerful. The unfortunate outcome is that they are only being treated like royalty because of their superior athletic ability and once that goes away people treat them like everyone else. These creates a real crisis of self-worth because the constant praise and admiration is removed and if they lived like it was never going away they will find themselves in a dark place. These kinds of sudden change will bring pity and it’s just too much for a lot of these athletes to bare since there hole identity is based on this. I am the opposite of these people that wining comes easy to them, in fact I am the opposite and I must work hard to get something I want and even harder to keep it. These kinds of struggle have taught me to be respectful to other people because they are probably going through a similar struggle and to cherish what I have because it can all go away at a moment’s notice and I must work even harder to get it back.


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