Black Mirror Episode XX.1


In this episode of Black Mirror, they go onto giving people a five-star rating system that would be defined by people views of that person. Which would have dire consequences in the form that they individual would live their life.

The rating system is about having a phone on you the entire time. When having interactions with other people, they would grade you on the way you interacted with them. Which really put a strain on the people that really getting along with others. The funny thing that I noticed, was that the minority actor was always being suppressed by people of white complexion. The obvious happened, people where fixed on how people would interact with other people. During the story, it showed a girl that wanted to move up the ranks and get away from her 3.0 brother. Anyone with a 3.0 or below, are people that you don’t really be around, because it could have a negative impact by association. For people who end up having a dangerously low ranking, they would be subject to incarceration. Toward the end, she went crazy because she couldn’t get the high rank that she desires. Seeing her desperation, people didn’t like the effort and rank her very low, that ended with her in jail. Looking back at the minority that was being exiled by a low ranking, was across the same cell. Since they didn’t really have to worry about what ranking they would receive, they went all out, when it came to spouting profanity. In my experience, I try not to really give a dam about what other people think about several aspects of my life. Which kind of placed me in figurative jail cell, because people look down on me.

Listening to this, it may have giving you the impression that if this were to be implemented, it would senseless. But there was an article that showed that China was fixing to implement something similar. If something the social media wasn’t bad enough to put someone out of work, because of an opinion that they had outside business hours, this would not make it better. Specially how things are hackable today, what stops people from modifying another people’s score. Taking into consideration on how China handles most of their affairs, it does not sound far fetch to thing that people would use this technology to black mail other people into doing their skirmish. So for the most part, I would seem fitting for people of China to have a such a useful tool at their disposal. But having something like this in play, would have a backlash on the peoples right. But then again, the way that China is running their country, isn’t really pushing for that kind of agenda.

Although we don’t directly rate people with a five-star based system, it doesn’t mean that we’re not being judgmental. The type of judgment that could have negative effects on the person’s life. Putting it kindly, America has a subtler way of judging people.


2 thoughts on “Black Mirror Episode XX.1

  1. Hello Alan,

    Black Mirror sounds like good show to watch. I remember the video that we watched in class about China wanting to implement something similar as the episode of Black Mirror. We are already ranked by our credit store, criminal history, and driving records so I don’t think that we need a system like that if it were to happen. It would drive people crazy.


  2. You made such a compelling argument of how interesting this episode is that I jumped on Netflix and saw it. You were right it was comical and at the same time it had a scary and all to real tone. I also cant believe that china is implementing something similar, I would do bad in this society because I don’t always give the best first impressions although people usually warm up to me. Judging people does seam to be the new pass time, great point derived form these episode.


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