(12) Security in autonomous vehicles

Security of Autonomous Vehicles

One of the biggest issues that people are having to deal with, is being hacked. Recently, one of the greatest movie to hit the box office expressed hacking concern with the worst case possible. The vehicle was being hacked and were being redirected to plan an assault on the American people. Which for those who place a lot of hysteria for possible alternative, it could slow down the progress of technology. One of the reason that I wanted to point out about this situation, was the idea that there was one more person involved in the situation where is it the car or the programmers fault for an eminent death. The question was always posed with either blaming the car or the programmer. Having to introduce the third party, which introducing millions of other individuals with the capability of causing great harm. So, right now, there are three possibilities that would lead to eminent death. But the thing is that people treat all programmers the same. In this situation, programmers are treated the same. There are different programmers in different areas that consist of the overall product. For the party of three that the story intel led, it was the developers that decided what decision they make. But because of the lack of security, which happens to be taken care of by different set of programmers; Which would set the marker up to four individual groups that could be taken responsible for this hypothetical situation.

I was thinking about this problem, because during the class, there was the alternative idea where there could be alternative position. But for the most part, there idea that I should be focus on the two alternatives. Because it would make it easier when written our final paper. One of the biggest point that I would choose, would be the idea of the car manufacture and programmers. I would exclude the idea about security, because it leaves a lot of open-ended.


3 thoughts on “(12) Security in autonomous vehicles

  1. Hi Alan,

    This is definitely interesting and scary. I can see how others might take advantage of this software and do harmful things with it. It does seem like one of the worst case scenarios. I wonder what precautions developers take when developing this kind of software.


  2. As much as I am exciting about the self driving car, I agree with you that this is a big issue that might slow down the technology as it cause a lot of people to see more cons that pros. Talking about movie, I recently watch the new Fast and Furious movie where the bad lady hack and summons an army of hacked self driving car to crush in order to get her goal. I know it is not what can happen currently, but it is kinda scary to think that there is a chance it might happen in the near future.


  3. When reading this article, I was reminded of the National Healthcare System (NHS) hacking that just happened last week. Randsomeware infected hundreds of thousands of computers across the world, but affected the NHS of Britten the most. The danger of putting our lives into the hands of a hackable system, such as autonomous vehicles, seems like a risky thing to do. While I’m sure that, for the most part, we have nothing to worry about, it still makes me wonder how we might overcome the dangers that we are creating for ourselves as we become more and more dependent on technology.


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