If you fail this class are you destine for crime Blog 16

This semester has been an interesting one and I have learned a lot in this class that I was not expecting to. Ethics is something that I always felt I had a strong grasp on and could not possibly learn something new. In this class I learned that ethics is something that people hold in high regards and they try to live their life’s in a way to not interfere with their fundamental believes. This is a great way to live your life and it always work in theory although problems do arise when we are put in situations where we must choose between a positive outcome or something that conflicts with our personal code of ethics. Through the course we have discussed several situations where this happens and the choices that some people made when they were confronted with said issue. Some people stood there grown and felt great to act accordingly, some people did the opposite and regretted that choice in their life. The issue that I noticed is that all the people who regret doing the unethical choice usually write in a way to make themselves seem like the victims. I find this offensive because the real victims are the people who had to live with the consequences of the actions they did. Its cruel to be punished for something that is not your fault and have someone who had a positive outcome to complain how bad they feel about the situation. They are essentially acting like the aggressor and the victim in all of the situations that we discussed in class. It would be like if someone broke into your home to steal your belongings and then when to the cops and complained that the gun factory made a product that was tailor made for him to commit crimes. The worst part of this scenario would be that the major gun company would get in trouble with the law and the robber would keep all of the stolen merchandise. I feel that you can not have it both ways, either you are a criminal and walk around with a heavy hart or don’t commit any crimes and live at peace with your conscious and other people. Know that I have taken this course it will reflect in all of my future decisions and I will apply my personal ethics to not only my career but also my life in general so I can live a life that I am proud off.


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