The 14th Rule of Conduct

A topic that seems to be on my mind that has lots of ethical dilemmas is the unspoken rules of conduct that people use to have. It was understood that everyone has a buzzy life and we all have lots of things we need to get done in a short amount of time. So, when you when to the store or hairline and you saw a line you would just get in the back of the line because that was the right thing to do. People would just naturally understand that the people in the line had families that needed them so we just followed the rules. It seems that today we have forgotten that rule and just jump to the front of the line when people are faced with line for goods and services.

This is ethically wrong due to lots of factors that contribute to the decay of modern society. The people who were in front of the line had a right to be there because they knew that there was going to be a line so they planned to get there early to be in front of the line. The people who just jump to the front of the line usually get there late and when we give them access to the front of the line we are rewarding their behavior of not planning and getting what they want at little to no effort. This is a horrible thing to be teaching people because they are going to be disappointed when they dont get the job they want because they did not work hard to earn that job position. It also promotes for the people who do plan to not try to get there early because someone will just cut them off and all that hard work of getting up early wont be rewarded. In the job market being prepared and always knowing what to do is something that employers are looking for in employees. They will miss out on some great employs when they get everyone that just takes shortcuts to get there work done.

When people are children their parents would say to them that god is watching or that people will get what they derive. The fact is that someone is always watching and since information of people seems to be currency in most friendships, supervisors always will know who does the work and who just passes off the work to someone else. Companies are establishments set up to make money and saving money is a great way to reallocate resources to produce more money. If you are always taking the easy way out supervisors will know that you are not essential to the company and are most likely to terminate that employee. The simples act of working hard always translate into life in a positive way, the only drawback is that people will try clime the ranks on the hard works of others. For this reason, we must also work smart and work hard in all aspects of our lives to get the best of job opportunities, friendships, and life in general.


3 thoughts on “The 14th Rule of Conduct

  1. I am a bit confused. I understand that people jumping in front of the line is bad but what necessarily sparked this post. Was there some recent event I did not here about?


  2. I understand what you’re saying about jumping in front of the line. I think it’s a metaphor for how people want things but they don’t want to work for it. This idea is what makes a lot of older people think we are a privileged generation, although I’m not sure how since jobs are harder and harder to get which means we have to work extra hard to even get an interview somewhere. I definitely agree with you when you say that hard work translates into positivity. That’s a great way to think.


  3. I agree with Angela. People jumping in front of the line makes for a good analogy for describing the fact that people want something but don’t want to work for it. I don’t feel this is necessarily an attribute of one specific group of people though. I don’t like to stereotype a group of people, a generation for example, from the behavior of some of the people in that group. I feel that these people are spread out throughout society, not just one group of people.


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