Uber Problems


These past few days, my timeline for ALL my social medias, and I am not exaggerating, was filled with complaints of previous workers who have indicated that they have had a bad experience while working for the company. Two blog posts, both whom woman have wrote, explain that while working for the company they experienced sexism and unfair treatment. In fact, one of the women who claims to have experienced such mysogynist treatment, stated that the number of women working for Uber in that particular team decreased down to 3%. While both of these women did receive sympathy from many, they unfortunately also received backlash from many people. Because it was two women who wrote these blog posts, many people, especially men, disagree or do not believe anything that they wrote about working for and at the company. These contrarians believe that both of these woman may be letting their “feminist” views get in the way causing them to believe that a small problem or situation is bigger than it really is. They have even had the audacity to ask the woman for proof of such experience like it is something they carry on their pocket. While she did share her experience in Uber and gave out the details which led her to leave Uber, she also mentioned that she enjoyed the work that was assigned to her. So, overall, I can see that her blogged experience is something I can mostly believe.

However, this is not the only problem that I have constantly seen on my timeline regarding the famous Uber Company. It would be great fro Uber if it was, but it’s not. As I was scrolling through my timeline, I saw another link that said “Uber uses technology to avoid the Law”. At first I thought it might be a dead link or fake news, but after reading the article and looking for relevance and clarity, I realized that the news article can be credible. Of course, even the best news articles are not 100% accurate, but their is some truth in them. Anyway the article pretty much explained that Uber is using some technology, GreyBall, which is used in places where Uber is not allowed. It works like this, a law enforcement individual requests a ride then the technology detect whether the person requesting a ride is tied with any law enforcement, if so, the application shows that someone will pick them up, but in reality an Uber driver never comes.

Overall, in such a speck of time Uber is beginning looking bad, like really bad. Of course, many people could careless about what problems surround the company, but others do.

I believe Uber should focus on both making sure that all their employees, no matter what their gender, color, race, age . .  . etc. are treated fairly and equally. They should make sure that they focus on improving their service where is has been approved and that they respect when a city does not approve of their services. Uber does not have any right to use software in order to illegally provide their services in a city that does not want them. Maybe Uber should take some time off to regain and re-establish their beliefs.




One thought on “Uber Problems

  1. Hey Karina,

    I can’t believe something like this would happen at a company like Uber. Has the CEO addressed this issue? I hope they resolve this as soon as possible because this can discourage other women to apply to Uber. However, we can’t generalize that most women at Uber experience sexism and unfair treatment. There might be some men that are making Uber look awful, and the CEO should address something like this immediately. I also disagree with what Uber is doing using GreyBall to provide their services.


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